December Newsletter

Hey Meadows members-

In case you haven’t seen the forecast for Tuesday, winter is coming! But never fear, Pete has our new snow blower fired up and we are ready for the weather. Platform and indoor tennis will be open for business as usual.


With the mild fall weather, the Wyatt Construction guys have been making amazing progress erecting the steel buildings and getting us dry inside. We want to show off the progress on your new clubhouse and indoor tennis facility this Saturday December 10th from 1 pm to 3 pm. Enter the building through the main entrance and we’ll show you around and provide some light snacks. If you can’t make it Saturday, click the link below for a slide show of the construction progress.
Construction Update Slide Show

We are pretty sure that with the great progress made to date, we will be on schedule to open the new facilities as planned in March. Major kudos to our construction committee for all their hard work and a big shout out to Dave Roetting with Wyatt Construction who has kept us on schedule and on budget.


With leagues and indoor tennis times extending well beyond the front desk staff leaving the trailer, it is important that the last members out close the tennis building and lock the gates behind them. Stop by the trailer to get the full instructions on shutting things down behind you.

Also, please use the mats inside the tent to clean the salt off your shoes so we can keep the indoor courts looking good.

If you see something this week that we could do better to cope with the winter and construction issues, please let me know. I’ll be in the lifeguard office working on the 2017 budget so drop by and say hi. As always I appreciate hearing your questions, comments and concerns. Happy Holidays!

Bob Shoulders
General Manager