Please check back in February of 2022 for more details about the 2022 swim program.

Pool Hours & Rules

11:00am – 8:00PM 7 days/Week

Please note that we host swim meets three Saturdays during the summer. On those Saturdays, the pool will not open until the meet has concluded which is typically around 1:30PM. Members will be notified in advance of pool closures or late opening.

Swimming Pool and Area Rules

All members using the pool area must follow the directions of Meadows Staff, including lifeguards.

  1. Meadows Staff (lifeguards, swim coaches, swim teachers, pool maintenance) and those directly in his/her employ are in complete charge of the swimming pool area and have full authority to enforce safety regulations and courteous behavior.
  2. No chicken/horse play (sitting or standing on shoulders) in pool area or locker rooms.
  3. Showers are required of all swimmers prior to entering the pool.
  4. Starting blocks are for use during swim team and private swim lessons. They may also be used for swim team members to practice under adult supervision into the lap lane during low usage times.
  5. No hanging or sitting on the lane lines.
  6. No diving from the side of the lap pool.
  7. No riding scooters/skateboards on the pool deck.
  8. No running or pushing when near the swimming pool.
  9. Children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult or sitter aged 12 or more who has taken a certified babysitting course and who is ready and able to enter the water if need be.
  10. Fins, goggles, snorkels, balls, and similar swimming pool equipment will be permitted in the pool during lessons and at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty. U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation devices are allowed at all times. No Water Wings.
  11. Proper swimwear is required: No thongs, cut-offs, t-shirts, or cover-ups are allowed in the pool. Swim diapers are requires for children 3 and under and are available for purchase at the front desk.
  12. Confine food and beverages to designated picnic areas. Place all litter and aluminum cans into the proper receptacles. Non-glass water bottles with sport tops are allowed in the pool. Absolutely no glass on the concrete pool deck (not including pergolas).
  13. Meadows Club is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.
  14. No photography of any kind is permitted in the restrooms.
  15. Any person with any contagious disease or open sore will not be permitted in the swimming pool.
  16. Parents should supervise children carrying fishing poles and fish hooks through the pool area to the pond.
  17. The pools will be closed during inclement weather at the discretion of the Manager on Duty. In the event of lightning or thunder, all swimmers will be asked to exit the water and the pool deck for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes. The Club Management and/or the lifeguards have the authority to extend this period if it is deemed appropriate. Safe places include the clubhouse, locker rooms or your car.
  18. The pools may be closed for maintenance or reasons involving health and safety as determined by the Club Management. Where the need for such action can be foreseen, advanced notice will be given as circumstances permit.

Diving Board Rules:


  1. One person on the board at a time. Please remain on the ground until the first person dives.
  2. Only one bounce allowed on the diving board.
  3. No flips or dives off the high dive. Only the low diving board may be used for flips and dives within reason.
  4. No adjusting the fulcrum are unless there is a diving coach giving a lesson.
  5. The high dive is for jumping only. Jumps must be forward facing and the person must enter the water on their feet or butt first.
  6. No goggles on the high dive.
  7. No flotation devices may be used on the boards.
  8. No play or recreational swimming in the dive well while the boards are in use. If the boards are closed or not in use, play and recreational swimming are permitted.
  9. No jumping off the side of the board.
  10. No children under eight years of age will be permitted to go off the high dive.
  11. Exit on the side closest to your diving board or swim directly out to the lap pool. No swimming under the other board to exit the pool.
  12. The previous diver must reach the side of the pool or exit the dive well before the next person jumps.
  13. No hanging from the side of the board.
  14. Diving from the edge into the dive well is permitted when the boards are closed.



Lightning Safety

During thunderstorms, the pool will be closed for 30 minutes following the last visible strike or audible thunder. Lightning’s behavior is random and unpredictable. The distance from Strike A to Strike B to Strike C is often 5-8 miles and it can strike much farther away. We are conservative when it comes to lightning safety to keep our members and guests safe at the pool.

Swimming pools are connected to a much larger surface area via underground water pipes, gas lines, electric and telephone wiring, etc. Lightning strikes to the ground anywhere on this metallic network may induce shocks elsewhere.

In the event of a thunderstorm at the pool, move to a safe location!

Safe places include the clubhouse, locker rooms, or your car.

Unsafe places are near metal or water; under trees; on hills; near electrical/electronics equipment.