Guest Policies & Fees

Guest Policies 

Who is a guest?
A guest is any non-member visiting the club accompanied by a member. This could be a non-member family member (spouse, child, grandparent, cousin, etc.), a non-member friend, babysitter, or non-member who lives with the family (exchange student, nanny, etc.).

How often can I bring my guest?
Each guest may come to the club six total times per season. The summer season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the winter season runs from Labor Day to Memorial Day.

What if I have a nanny/baby sitter/caretaker for the summer?
We allow members to have “registered guests” for the childcare/caretaking for the summer. Instead of paying a guest fee each time they come in, a one-time fee will be charged for the summer (see rates below). Please note that this does NOT entitle them to come without a member, bring their own guests, or participate in member-only programs. They will be entered into our system as a registered guest and will be expected to check-in using their own name, not yours.

What is expected of my guest?
Guests are expected to play by the same rules as the members. That means following the guidelines set forth by the Mission Statement and Code of Conduct. Be respectful of members and staff, clean up after yourself, and enjoy the club! Guests must be accompanied by members at all times. Guests under the age of 8 years old must be supervised by an adult.

How can I pay the guest fee?
Guest fees may be paid by cash, check, or by billing to the member’s account. Please make your guest aware of the guest fee prior to their arrival at Meadows as well as determine who is responsible for that fee so they come prepared.

How do I check in a guest?
Guests must be checked in by the member accompanying them. Members may check in guests in advance of their arrival, but guests may not enter the club until they are checked in at the front desk. Guests must enter the full name of the member accompanying them so that the guest fee does not get billed to the wrong account!

Are guests welcome at social events? 
Guests are welcome at social events. They must register in advance of the event at the front desk. Most events that are open to guests have an increased guest fee ($5-$15, depending on the event).

Intentional or repeated abuse of guest policies may result in a loss of guest privileges for your account.

Guest Fees

Infant/Toddler (2 & Below): Free
Child (3-11): $6
Junior (12-18): $9
Adult (19-Up): $11
Sunday Family Days: $24/Family (See calendar for specific dates)
Registered Guest (Weekly/Summer): $27/week or $260/summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day)