VFAQ re irrigation

Hi Meadows members-

Rather than the usual Construction Blog Update, I wanted to take a shot at answering the VFAQ (Very Frequently Asked Question)… “What in the wide world of sports is going on with all the brown grass?” I’m glad you asked.

I made a calculated decision along with our landscape company, trencher and irrigation guy as to the best location to install a gas line for the new poolside grilles which we wanted up and running in May. We knew we would hit some water lines but didn’t know to what extent. The irrigation line carnage was a blood bath. It took us ten days to get them repaired and another five days to get an electrical problem figured out so we went over two weeks during June with very little water on the turf whilst hosting two swim meets.

After patching all the lines we thought we were back in business until we noticed some brown spots a couple of weeks ago and found that the water was not refreshing itself zone to zone. The irrigation guy’s diagnosis was a bad intake in the well that draws water from the pond but guess what; he doesn’t work on wells. Another week and the well guy finally made it out here and band-aided a “sump-pump well bypass” to the filter/pump so when the control box isn’t unplugged, we can at least get water out to the grassy areas around the pool and pond.

There is also a main line leaking under the sidewalk going to the former front door of the clubhouse (unrelated to construction or gas line laying), so if you see water in the parking lot during watering hours, our contractor is working with us to fix that as well.

Early on we anticipated the lines leading to the tennis courtyard would be non- operational and dedicated that grass to St. Jude when the demo began.

Fixes are in process. The intake re-graveling for the well is being bid and I am working with several companies on a longer term solution for getting water out of the pond and onto the grass. In the meantime, we are hand watering spots that need attention and trying to keep the irrigation system limping along.

If you see hoses, valves, sprinklers, extension cords or other trip hazards scattered about, please don’t disturb them as we are doing our best to keep things patched together until a longer term solution can be worked out. The smart guys are back out here later this week to help with fixes and Francisco’s replacement gets back from out of town to hopefully lend a hand starting next week.

In the meantime, pray for rain. Pray for Bob.