Construction FAQs

Why did we start this project in the summertime?


We wanted to break ground early in the spring, but due to various factors including delays in obtaining our building permit, a very tight commercial construction market (it’s tough getting good bids from subcontractors right now) and the Board of Directors being extremely prudent with how the project is financed; we started in June rather than April. Waiting until fall would have made site work and some of the outdoor processes including masonry work and steel erection very dicey if delays pushed into November and December.


Also by starting in June, we are hopeful that we will have access to five indoor courts by the second session of indoor season in January.  Interest rates are also very favorable right now to lock-in and start construction.


Truth be told, there is never a good time to start a major club improvement project while we continue to use the club. We hope that planning and communicating our work arounds are effective and your feedback as to how we can best solve some of the issues are definitely appreciated.     


How can I use the club after staffed hours?


The the pool closes at 8:00 PM and the front desk/trailer staff closes all but the exit gates at 8:30 PM . If your pool party or tennis social is still having fun, please feel free to stay until 10 PM but please no swimming or diving. Similar to leaving the clubhouse locked behind you, there is a padlock on the exterior of the pool gate so lock it or leave by the court #6 gate by 10 PM.


What about the swimming pool?


We made substantial improvements to the pool’s skimmer lines and off season clean-up including a renovation of the heater and acid washing of the stains in the diving well. In addition to the pool itself, we installed natural gas lines and permanent Broilmaster Grilles. We had some difficulties with severed irrigation lines during the trenching and it has been slow going to get the grass green again on the south side of the pool but we’re working on it.The grounds around the pool and pond are also once again being maintained by a professional landscaping company.


We also invested in new chaise lounges and additional pool furniture.
Also, we hired a full time aquatics director (Brian Anderson) to bring enthusiasm back to the Beavers and manage our greatly improved lifeguard staff. We hope you have noticed the investment in the management of the pool and staff.