Construction Begins Next Week!

Construction begins next week! The clubhouse will be permanently closed and demolition will begin Thursday June 16th. Locker rooms will be available from the pool area.

The only club entrance will be the side (West) gate to the pool, next to the dumpster. We have a temporary construction trailer at the North end of the sand volleyball court where front desk staff and Anne Marie will be located.

* Indoor tennis courts will be accessed through the door at the Southeast corner of Court #5.
* Outdoor tennis courts will be accessed by exiting through a new gate at the Northeast corner of the pool area and walking behind the indoor tennis building along a temporary walkway that leads to the Bray gate between Courts #9 and #14.
* The construction trailer, which will contain our project superintendent will be located on the Northwest corner of the parking lot. Most of the equipment and staging for the construction will also be located in this area.
* We will be renting a tent for tennis tournaments and club functions that will be located in the grassy area immediately to the South of the platform courts.
* The ice machine will be located next to the women’s locker room entrance.
* After the entrance gate is locked, non-staffed hours exit from the tennis area can go through the gate on the West side of Court #6.
* The current viewing deck for Courts #3, #4 and #5 will no longer be available when demolition begins.

While we are aware these construction re-directs will be inconvenient, when complete in January, the new clubhouse and new indoor tennis courts will be a fantastic addition to your club. I will also post this map on our new website shortly that will outline all of these locations so the directionally impaired among us will be able to get a good visual.

Knowing there will undoubtedly be questions comments and concerns, please do not hesitate to ask me via email, the club’s main number 303-494-5069 or my cell phone at 479-841-9070.

Take care and we’ll see you at the club!

Bob Shoulders
General Manager



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