Pool Hours & Rules

11:00am – 8:00PM 7 days/Week

Please note that we host swim meets three Saturdays during the summer. On those Saturdays, the pool will not open until the meet has concluded which is typically around 1:30PM. Members will be notified in advance of pool closures or late opening.

Swimming Pool and Area Rules

1. Pool staff (lifeguards, swim coaches and pool maintenance) and club managers have full authority to enforce pool safety regulations and courteous behavior.
2. Children under six years of age will be not permitted in the pool area without direct adult supervision.
3. Children under eight years of age will be not permitted to go off the high dive.
4. Persons with contagious diseases or open sores will not be permitted in the swimming pool.
5. Flotation devices, fins, goggles, snorkels, balls and similar swimming pool equipment will be permitted in the pool during lessons and at the discretion of the lifeguard(s) on duty.
6. NO horseplay or running in the locker rooms.
7. Confine food and beverages to designated picnic areas. Do NOT bring glassware into the pool area. Place all litter and aluminum cans into the proper receptacles.
8. NO running or pushing when near the swimming pool.
9. Parents should supervise children carrying fishing poles and fish hooks through the pool area to the pond.
10. When using rubber rafts in the pond, life jackets must be worn at all times.
11. Large rafts may not be stored at the Club overnight.

Lightning Safety

During thunderstorms, the pool will be closed for 30 minutes following the last visible strike or audible thunder. Lightning’s behavior is random and unpredictable. The distance from Strike A to Strike B to Strike C is often 5-8 miles and it can strike much farther away. We are conservative when it comes to lightning safety to keep our members and guests safe at the pool.

Swimming pools are connected to a much larger surface area via underground water pipes, gas lines, electric and telephone wiring, etc. Lightning strikes to the ground anywhere on this metallic network may induce shocks elsewhere.

In the event of a thunderstorm at the pool, move to a safe location!

Safe places include the clubhouse, locker rooms, or your car.

Unsafe places are near metal or water; under trees; on hills; near electrical/electronics equipment.