Stringing and Pro Shop

The Wilson Clash is here!

The Meadows Pro Shop can string your racquet right here at the club for your convenience! Average turn-around time for racquet stringing is 48 hours. 24-hour
turn-around is available in most cases by request.

We offer different variations and/or diameter on all our strings, contact Pro Shop Manager, Trevor, for details. We also offer string by the reel. He is also more than happy to ask you a few questions over phone or email and make a stringing recommendation.

The Meadows now do the same price for member and non-member. And they are as follows:
String Type Member Cost Non-Member Cost Examples
Natural $64 $64 Luxilon Natural Gut
Wilson NXT $39 $39
Mid $30 $33 Wilson Sensation, Wilson SGX
Basic $20 $22 Wilson Extreme Octane (Syn Gut)
Hybrids $49/$34/$25 $51.50/$47/$27.50 Natural/Premier, Premier/Mid, Mid/Basic
Labor Only $17 $17 Supply your own string.

If you have a rush request (tournament coming up, backup racquet strings broke, etc.) call or text Trevor and he may be able to do a pick up/drop off outside of normal stringing hours. He can be contacted at (970) 232-5448.

Pro Shop Orders

In addition to our variety of racquets and supplies at the club, we can also special order shoes, clothing, additional grip sizes, or any other Wilson product at a discounted Meadows price! Contact Trevor at regarding special order inquiries. Orders will be placed on Mondays and generally are received at the club within 7-14 days for in-stock items.