2019 Sanctioned Tournaments

The Meadows will be hosting one designated adult tournament, one senior tournament, and four junior tournaments in 2019. Mark your calendar for the tournaments below!

Meadows Senior Summer
Dates: 4/26/19-4/28/19
Tournament ID: 250008219

Meadows Jr Open Championship (Level 6)
Dates: 6/14/19-6/16/19
Tournament ID: 250008019

Meadows Jr Challenger (Level 7)
Dates: 7/19/19-7/20/19
Tournament ID: 257236519

USTA Intermountain Summer Masters (Level 4) BG16s
Dates: 8/7/19-8/11/19
Tournament ID: 250001819

Ned Cooney Memorial/Meadows Open (DESIGNATED)
Dates: 8/15/19- 8/23/19
Tournament ID: 257221819

Info: Ned Cooney Memorial Meadows Open is once again a Designated event for all levels and events! Register and play – watch great tennis – and enjoy the hospitality at The Meadows Club!
If you have inquiries regarding sponsorship’s, general questions about the tourney/tourney site, please contact Nora Harrison at nora@meadowsclub.org

Schedule Requests:

Please send all schedule requests to Sue at tennis@sueland.com before registration closes. We will do our best to accommodate requests, and apologize if we have a situation that won’t allow us to meet your schedule request. We will not schedule matches on the same night as Twilight League at the same level. For example, we will not schedule Men’s 3.5 Singles or Doubles on Tuesday evening.
Twilight League Schedule
Monday – Women’s 3.5 and 4.5; Men’s 3.0
Tuesday – Men’s 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+; Women’s Open
Wednesday – Women’s 3.0
Thursday – Women’s 2.5 and 4.0

Number of Events:
Enter as many events are you wish! Be prepared to play more than one match a day if you enter more than one event. If you enter 3 events, you may be scheduled for 3 matches on Saturday or Sunday.

Match Format:
NTRP divisions will play Koman tiebreak format at 6-all in each set.
Open divisions will play standard tiebreak format at 6-all in each set.

Prize Money Awards:
The Ned Cooney tournament will award prize money to Open division champions in divisions with a minimum of 8 entries. Prize awards will be $500, and will be increased with as draw sizes increase.
Amateur players: Note that the Meadows Club will adhere to NCAA and CHSAA regulations to maintain high school and college status.

Register for the Ned Cooney Here 


Meadows Jr Pumpkin (Level 6)
Dates: 10/25/19-10/27/19
Tournament ID: 250009919