2019 Adult USTA Leagues

Spring Leagues are quickly approaching! Registration for all leagues begins on February 1st. Please download the following resources for 2019 Leagues at the Meadows:

2019 Colorado Rules and Regulations

▪Denver-Metro 2019 Adult League Calendar

▪Denver-Metro Day of The Week Schedule by NTRP Level

▪ Meadows League Informational Packet

▪ Tennis Court Locator

▪ 2019 Adult League Resources

Youth Player Information

▪ Youth Progression

▪ Colorado Tennis Junior Pathways- ROGY

How to Register for Adult Summer Leagues at Meadows

  1. Contact your team captain to be added to the roster. If you are looking for a team or if you are a captain looking for players, contact Nora at nora@meadowsclub.org for assistance.
  2. Team Captains should submit their roster to Nora at nora@meadowsclub.org by the league roster deadline (see the column highlighted in yellow on the chart below).
  3. Nora will register the team and assign a team number. League fees will be billed to member accounts. Any non-members participating in league will be billed to the captain’s member account.
  4. Nora will contact captains to confirm the team registration has been completed and note any players that could not be registered.
  5. Captains should double-check the roster online to ensure:
    1. All players are listed.
    2. The correct captain (and co-captain if applicable) are listed.
  6. To add additional players after the roster deadline, email Lauren directly at lauren@meadowsclub.org with the player’s name and USTA number. Please allow 48 hours for player additions.

Please note, ALL players must have a current, active USTA number valid through December 2018 to be registered!

League Name Meadows Cost Roster Deadline Season Starts Season Ends
Trio $25 Mar 1st Mar 23rd Apr 20th
Mixed 18 & Over $40 Mar 8th Apr 7th May 19th
18 & Over $40 Mar 15th Apr 22nd Jun 6th
55 & Over $40 Apr 5th May 1st Jul 5th
Women’s Daytime Doubles $40 Apr 5th May 14th Jun 27th
Mixed 40 & Over $40 May 3rd May 26th Jul 7th
Adult 18-39 $40 Mar 3rd Jun 10th Jul 25th
40 & Over $41 May 3rd Jun 10th Jul 25th
2.5 18 & Over $41 May 3rd Jun 12th Jul 24th
ITA Mixed Doubles $40 Jun 7th Jul 14th Aug 25th
65 & Over $40 Jun 14th Jul 9th Aug 23rd
Women’s Summer Daytime $41 Jun 14th Jul 29th Sep 11th
Twilight $41 Jun 21st Jul 29th Sep 12th