2018 Summer Swim Lessons

2018 Meadows Swim Programs

We offer a variety of group swim lessons, private swim lessons, stroke clinics, and dive clinics for beginners up to our most advanced swimmers.:

  • Water Safety Classes (new swimmers ages 3-6)
  • Learn to Swim Classes (ages 5-9, based upon skill)
  • Private Stroke Instruction Classes (stroke training, based upon skill)
  • Masters Drop-in program

If you have any questions after reviewing this packet, please contact Aquatics Director Miles Mackenzie at swim@meadows.org

Swim Lesson Sessions: The following sessions will be used for Group and Semi-Private swim lessons.

    • Session 1: 6/4-6/14 Monday-Thursday (8 lessons)
    • Session 2: 6/11-6/21 Monday-Thursday (8 lessons)
    • No Session Fourth of July Week
    • Session 3: 7/9-7/19 Monday-Thursday (8 lessons)
    • Session 4: 7/23-8/2 Monday-Thursday (8 lessons)

Group Swim Lessons Level 1: Water Safety (Ages 3-6)
12pm-12:30pm or 12:30pm-1:00pm Monday-Thursday
The Water Safety Group Lessons are designed for your child to learn, in a group setting, the basics of water safety, swimming techniques and most importantly feeling comfortable around the water. This class will focus on jumping from the side of the pool, back and front floats, and the basic front and back crawl. The ideal age to start the class would be from 3-6 and this is our most introductory class. This 30 minute class will run Monday-Thursday for two weeks (8 total lessons). Cost: $80/session

Semi-Private Lessons Level 2: Learn to Swim (Ages 5-9 based on Skill)
12pm-12:30pm or 12:30pm-1:00pm Monday-Thursday
The Learn to swim class is a skill level based class focusing on the basic fundamentals of the four main swimming strokes; Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. This class is designed for those kids who already know the basic back and front floats, Freestyle (front crawl), Backstroke and are comfortable in the water. The goal of this class is for each student to learn the basics of each stroke, drives, turns and streamlines. Swimming at least 10 meters unassisted is ideal for placement in this class. This 30 minute class will run Monday-Thursday for two weeks (8 total lessons). We will host as many classes as we have students but each class will have a max of 2 students per instructor. Cost: $145/session.

Private Stroke Instruction Level 3: Stroke/Training based on Skill
12pm-12:30pm or 12:30pm-1:00pm Monday-Thursday
This class is designed to be a private lesson for those wanting to improve their stroke techniques and swimming skills. This class is open to swimmers who are on the Meadows summer league team as well as those who are waiting to join but don’t have the necessary skill requirements yet. Students should be able to swim 25 yards of Freestyle, Backstroke and have a basic understanding of the other two strokes. The goal will be to proficient in each stroke at an introductory level. This 30 minute class will run Monday-Thursday for two weeks (8 total lessons). We will host as many classes as we have students but each class be a private lesson with your instructor.

Masters Programs: Drop in Workouts on Sundays
The club will offer FREE drop into B.A.M’s Sunday workouts for all Meadows Club Members. The workouts will be held on Sundays at 7am. This is an awesome chance for our members to swim with other Masters swimmers! Private Masters workouts and instruction are available upon request with Head Swim Coach Miles MacKenzie at an additional fee basis. Additional workouts with coaches are available upon request.

Instructor Contact Information & Pricing
If you would like to request a private lesson with a particular instructor, contact information is available below (prices may vary by instructor):

  • Miles Mackenzie: Head Swim Coach 720-253-5955
  • Lane Goedhart: 13-14s Coach & Swim Instructor: 951-390-1755
  • Greta Dunn: 11-12s Coach & Swim Instructor: 303-956-2582
  • Brooklyn Fano: 9-10s Coach & Swim Instructor: 303-523-5326
  • Katie Boselli: 8U Coach & Swim Instructor: 720-666-2718
  • Sarah Dashlish: 8U Coach & Swim Instructor: 303-513-2326
  • PJ Stapleton: 13-18 Coach & Swim Instructor: 720-244-7215
  • Benji Morris Swim Instructor: 303-579-4236
  • Allison White Swim Instructor: 303-517-6181
  • Kim Langham Swim Instructor: 303-918-1323
  • Hannah Varner Swim Instructor: 303-859-7497

Pricing for Private Lessons:

Instructor 30 Minute Lesson 45 Minute Lesson
Head Swim Coach $40 $60
Swim Team Coach $30 $45
Swim Instructor $25 $37.50