Swim Team Volunteers

At The Meadows we’re known for our hospitality and a huge part of that is our parent volunteerism. Swimming is a sport where parent involvement is crucial to a strong season. There are roughly 70 volunteer positions at each home meet, 10-15 each day of prelims and finals, and 5-10 for each social event. As such, we have implemented a new volunteer policy for 2019 to ensure these positions are filled. Please read through these requirements prior to registering for swim team:


Each family will volunteer a minimum of two three-hour shifts for any of the three home meets or social events. Following the season, families that do not meet the minimum volunteer requirement will be charged $100 for each shift missed with a maximum of $200 per family non-volunteer penalty.  This charge will appear on the 8/1 Meadows invoice.

Sign up for your volunteer shifts here.

Note: Don’t worry if you’ve never done a job before – there are always plenty of people willing to show you the ropes.

Just a few of our Meadows volunteers.

Parent Volunteer Job Descriptions

Swim Meets:

Heating Area | 2 Volunteers

  • Line up swimmers according to events
  • Move swimmers to the start blocks at the appropriate time
  • Has a sense of organization and structure and procedure
  • Able to stay cool and in control during chaos
  • Keep track of the “Event Number” sign

Parking | 3 Volunteers

  • Arrive at 6:30 am for home meets
  • Set up parking signs and cones, marking fire zones and pass through areas
  • Organize traffic as it arrives, filling spots in parking lot, west and north of tennis courts, and church parking lot if necessary
  • Take down and put away signs and cones

Timing | 18 Volunteers (work half the meet)

  • Collect event card from swimmer and verify correct name, event, lane, and relay order
  • Operate stopwatch
  • Record time(s) on appropriate pink or blue card and pass it to the runner

Stroke Judge | 1 or 2 volunteers

  • Attend stroke judge training session with BVSSL at Meadows pool before season start
  • Walk along side of pool checking for legal strokes, kicks, wall touch, diving entry on relays…

Runner | 4 Volunteers total (2 per half of meet)

  • Takes event cards from each timer once time is recorded
  • Delivers event cards to the scoring table

Place Picker | 1-2 Volunteers (work half the meet)

  • Works next to starter and head stroke judge and manually writes down the order of finish (by lane number) for every heat.
  • Needs to pay attention to the finish of all races.
  • Good to ask starter (or head stroke judge) to back you up as “second set of eyes” when races are VERY close (especially in sprint freestyles).
  • The place-picker’s written sheet with order of finish is submitted with the stroke judge (DQ) sheet for every heat and then used at the scoring table to verify places/order of finish.
  • In the case of times being very close, they usually go with the place-picker’s finish order, so this is an important job.

Starter/Announcer | 1 Volunteer for entire meet.  

  • Should be able to stroke judge and place pick
  • Responsible for running the meet smoothly
  • Starts each race with specific phrases
  • Announces heating for events
  • Announces changes in timer shifts
  • Must have a good sense of meet process

Scoring | 3-4 Volunteers

  • Need to be able to average 2 swim times
  • Obtain, maintain, and set-up computers and printers for each home meet.
  • Reads swimmer times from pink and blue cards to the data entry person
  • Enters data from pink and blue cards

Ribbon | 2-3 Volunteers

  • Set up ribbon writing area
  • Receive printed ribbon labels and pink/blue cards from scorers
  • Stick labels onto corresponding place ribbons
  • Separate event ribbons according to teams (Home box and Away Team box)
  • Separate pink/blue cards into team boxes

Concessions Coordinator for Home Meets | 1-2 Volunteers

  • Communicates with Anne Marie for online shift sign ups and donations
  • Organizes donations, food purchases for the upcoming meet, re-stocks staples, etc.
  • Keeps tally sheet of items sold
  • Tallies cash drawer and returns to GM
  • Save receipts for reimbursements
  • Organized the “swim closet” in the lifeguard office for concession items

Concessions | 5-6 Volunteers

  • Set-up and run concessions, which includes:
  • Organizing donated and purchased food
  • Prepare some foods on-the-spot
  • Exchange money for goods and provide correct change
  • Provide water cooler and cups for timers and refill as necessary
  • Clean up and break down concessions after meet

Other Jobs:

Clothing Coordinator | 1-2 volunteers

  • Orders team suits and apparel
  • Provides clothing samples and order forms for team clothing (hoodies, sweats, caps…)
  • Ensures delivery of clothing and receipt of payment for clothing
  • Sets up date for swimmers to try on swimsuit/clothing samples for fit

Slideshow Coordinator | 1 volunteer

  • Assembles photos into a slideshow with music
  • Obtains slideshow equipment: laptop, projector, speakers, and screen
  • Attends banquet, presents slideshow

Banquet Coordinator | 2 volunteer

  • Coordinates catering, menu selection, budgeting, decorations, rentals, set-up, clean-up
  • Oversees volunteers during the event
  • Help with banquet set-up, clean-up, and other duties as assigned

Swim Team Prelims and Finals:

There will be additional volunteer jobs for parents whose swimmers are participating in the Prelims and/or Finals.

All teams in the Boulder Valley Summer Swim League provide volunteers in proportion to the number of swimmers that participated on their team in the previous season. Meets are staffed entirely by volunteers. Prelims and Finals volunteer jobs may include: tent set-up and break-down, timers, clothing sales, crowd control, runners, heating area assistance, clean-up, etc.