BVSSL Parent Code of Conduct

I acknowledge that as a parent of a swimmer on the Boulder Valley Summer Swim League (BVSSL) I agree to and understand the following Parent Code of Conduct for the entire duration of membership to this league. The BVSSL Parent Code of Conduct is in accordance with recommendations made by USA Swimming and the American Swim Coaches Association. Ultimately, the goal of such a code is to ensure a positive learning environment for the development of all swimmers and to ensure a productive and encouraging team & league atmosphere.

 Avoid offering advice on technique or race strategy, as this is the coach’s job. Avoid paying or otherwise rewarding your child for performance. This will only serve to confuse your child concerning the reasons to strive for excellence and will weaken the swimmer-coach bond. Be a supportive observer and offer words of encouragement
regardless of the outcome of a race.

 Avoid discussing issues concerning your swimmer with any member of the coaching staff during scheduled practice time or during a meet (excluding emergency situations). Communicate via email or make arrangements to meet in person at another time instead.

 Conduct yourself appropriately at all times, including displaying good sportsmanship, being safety-conscious, and respecting the facilities we use and the property of others.

 Treat all coaches, officials, board members, facility staff, and other swimmers and parents with courtesy and respect. Avoid foul or offensive language, including negative or derogatory comments.

 Avoid criticizing the coach or stroke judges in the presence of your child.

 Avoid imposing your own ambitions on your swimmer.

 Avoid removing your swimmer from practice or competition early due to dissatisfaction with his/her performance or a disagreement with a coach or official.

 Avoid focusing solely on winning. Celebrate the process instead, and encourage your child to race against the clock and learn from mistakes.

 When registering a complaint, wait 24 hours from the incident before bringing it to the attention of the coach, or board member. This will provide a “cooling off period” for all parties involved. Communicate within the chain of command, starting directly with the person with whom you have an issue before moving on to the head coach or a board member. Work within your team first- last resort is to reach out to the BVSSL President.

 While attending a BVSSL practice, function, or meet, unlawful possession or abuse of alcohol, drugs, or other contraband may constitute immediate dismissal from the BVSSL.
All parents of participants of the Boulder Valley Summer Swim League agree to the rules and guidelines as set forth in the Code of Conduct. Furthermore, BVSSL coaches or board members reserve the right to impose the following steps if adherence is not met:

First Violation: The parent will receive a written warning from the Board requiring a signature from the parent.

Second Violation: The parent will undergo one month’s suspension from the League. The parent will not be allowed to go on deck during practice or attend any meets during this time with no refund of dues or fees.

Third Violation: The parent’s case will be presented to the BVSSL board with the recommendation of immediate dismissal from the League and no refund of dues or fees.