Board of Directors Minutes

The Meadows Club was created for swim and tennis enthusiasts to gather and share life. We are dedicated to providing our membership with quality facilities, family friendly staff and programs.

Board Meeting Minutes
2017/01/30 Board Minutes
2017/03/06 Board Minutes
2017/04/05 Board Minutes
2017/05/22 Board Minutes
2017/06/12 Board Minutes
2017/07/17 Board Minutes
2017/07/31 Board Minutes
2017/08/21 Board Minutes
2017/10/05 Board Minutes
2017/11/14 Board Minutes
2017/12/14 Board Minutes

Next Board Meeting: February 15th at 5:30pm

Tennis Committee Meeting Notes
2016/01/25 Tennis Committee Notes
2016/03/14 Tennis Committee Notes
2016/05/04 Tennis Committee Notes
2016/06/28 Tennis Committee Notes
2016/08/18 Tennis Committee Notes
2016/09/27 Tennis Committee Notes
2016/11/17 Tennis Committee Notes
2017/01/05 Tennis Committee Notes
2017/06/01 Tennis Committee Notes
2017/07/12 Tennis Committee Notes

The next Tennis Committee meeting is January 10th at 5:30pm.


2017 Year End Survey Responses
2017 Capital Improvement Survey Responses
2017 Fees & Dues (Effective 9/1/2016-3/31/2018)
2017 Year End Meeting Minutes
2017 Balance Sheet Q1-Q3
2017 Profit & Loss Q1-Q3
Meadows Rules & Regulations
Meadows Code of Conduct (Effective 7/9/15)

Non-Member Policy (Effective 12/12/13)
2016 Year End Meeting Handout

Meadows Club Bylaws (Effective 10/1/2013)